The friendship between Crazychick08, Karen valentine, Gaskarths, Ultraviolets, GEGI and Kikchair.


  • They all love anime.
  • They all ship Marimo and Jatie.
  • The others all watch a bunch of shows CC plans to.

Their ships

  • WITCH (WITCH - Ash is Will, CC is Irma, Karen is Taranee, Lizzy is Hay Lin, Tori is Cordelia, GEGI is Elyon)
  • Original Winx Club (Winx Club - Ash is Flora, CC is Musa, Karen is Tecna, Lizzy is Stella, Tori is Bloom, GEGI is Aisha)
  • The Pokemon Girls (Misty/May/Dawn/Iris/Serena - Ash is May, CC is Misty, Karen is Dawn, Lizzy is Serena, Tori is Iris, GEGI is Bonnie)
  • Inner Senshi (Sailor Moon - Ash is Minako, CC is Usagi, Karen is Ami, Lizzy is Makoto, Tori is Rei, GEGI is Chibi Usa)
  • Mew Mews (Mew Mew Power - Ash is Ichigo, CC is Zakuro, Karen is Mint, Lizzy is Bu-Ling, Tori is Retasu, GEGI is Berry)
  • Sakura/Ino/Hinata/Tenten/Temari (Naruto - Ash is Sakura, CC is Temari, Karen is Hinata, Lizzy is Ino, Tori is Tenten, GEGI is Karen)
  • WHOOP (Totally Spies - Ash is Alex, CC is Britney, Karen is Jerry, Lizzy is Clover, Tori is Sam, GEGI is GLADOS)
  • The Ross' (Jessie - Ash is Emma, CC is Jessie, Karen is Ravi, Lizzy is Zuri, Tori is Luke, GEGI is Bertram)
  • Madoka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Ash is Mami, CC is Madoka, Karen is Homura, Lizzy is Sayaka, Tori is Kyoko, GEGI is Nagisa)


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