Cariana's FSB roles

Ariana = André; CC = Jade

The friendship between ArianaFan14 and Crazychick08 is known as Cariana (CC/Ariana).


  • Both are part of the FSB.
  • Ariana attended CC's wedding (even though she missed the entire ceremony).
  • CC stated that Ariana was her newest fave due to the FSB picture the latter made.
  • They both ship Jatie, Marimo, and Camaya.
  • They disagree on Victorious ships: CC ships Bade and Ariana ships Bori. However they both ship Cabbie and Cade is a BrOTP.
  • Both like Ariana Grande's music (though Ariana definitely loves her more).
  • CC used the Ariana Grande Wiki, which Ariana is the associate admin on, to update her lyrics wiki page.
  • Neither ship Jandre, though CC considers them a BrOTP.
    • Ironically, they represent this pairing in the FSB (Ariana is André and CC is Jade).

Their ships

  • Camaya (Degrassi)
  • Jandré (Victorious)


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