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The Bad Bitch Club is a group of riil bad bitches from Degrassi Wiki. The bad ass team has a strageegik way of what it takes to be a bad bitch. And you can only be included if Damian, givez u the rules and includes you. Team of bad bitches include: Damian, Ari, CJ Katie, GEGI, Kaylin and Cam.


  • You must always carry an extra wig if you get into a fight at the club with a non-bad bitch. 
  • You must always carry a bottle of Apple Juice in yo purse for the pre-turn up. 
  • You can only go to jail, if you slip. Bad bitches don't fall like non-bad bitches. 
  • You must twerk whenever you get the chance. 
  • Always stunt on da mad never glad bish. Evurr.


  •  Damian - Head baddest bitch in da world, he say he aint never met a badder bitch than him
  • CJ - The weak ass bad bitch, might get his ass kicked the fuck out. Judging this bitch.
  • Katie - Co-head baddest bitch, second baddest bitch in da wurld
  • Ari - Fellow bad bitch, da niggas fayvorite pick.
  • GEGI - Da sweet bad bitch
  • Kaylin - aka squirrel bad bitchin'
  • Cam - Azn bad bitch wit dem earringz.

Reasons why you could get kicked out

  • Filming a bad sex tape in a small ass baby ass bathtub. 
  • Becoming a thot. 
  • Fall and turn into a non-bad bitch. 


If you get in

  • "Welcome to the club, bitch!"

If you get kicked the fuck out

  • "Shame on you bitch!"

Bad Bitch Anthem

This is the anthem bad bitches sing when they whoop a non-bad bitch.


Fucked up a bitch last night.

Knocked out her motherfucking lights.

See, she was fucking with my nigga, guess she thought a bad bitch like me wouldn't see her that night!

Awww, but I caught that bitch slippin'!

I slapped that hoe silly like a motherfucking pimp!

Why give these hoes a chance to try to explain they side?

If you fuckin' with my nigga, I'm doing some jail time, and I did... Ah

Yep, dat bitch called the cops

I stood and waited on em

Like a bad bitch! Yep!

Motherfucking bad bitch in this place, killing all these hoes!

We aint never scared of shit! Not even Five-O

But when a Trill-bitch catch you (catch you slippin)

Girl, da Police can't do nothing for you! (Oh, nothing, no.)

You gon' think that I'm De La Hoya (when I whoop dat ass bitch)

Gon' think I'm De La Hoya (Yeah yeah)