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Cerek is the friendship between Crazychick08 and BeMySomeone.


  • Both love 90210.
  • Both adore Fiona Coyne.
  • Neither are sick of Alli or Tristan.
  • Both liked season 13.
  • Both shipped Zaya at one point.
  • Both ship Matlingsworth, Fimogen, Jatie, Bhandallas, Janny, Parcy, Drianca, and Crash. They also both ship Spane, but not to the same extent.
  • Both ship Gallavich, Nadrianna, and Kevonica. CC also expects to ship Spoby and Haleb when she starts PLL.

Their ships

  • Silver/Adrianna (90210)
  • Tristan/Tori (Degrassi)
  • Annie/Dixon (90210)