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Deram (Derek/Cam) is the friendship between BeMySomeone and Degrassi Fan.



  • They both adore Katy Perry.
  • They are both huge stans of Lori Grimes, Andrea Harrison, Beth Greene, and Carol Peletier on The Walking Dead.
  • While both of them have many similar preferences in female characters/ships, they have very minimal mutual taste in male characters/ships, which is why many of their ships consist of their female OTPs/BROTPs.
  • Neither of them ship Dreli anymore, but have decided to keep it as one of their ships, since it was their first and has been a long running joke in their friendship since 2013.
  • Cam once had a big fight with Murphy on Derek's talk page, but since Cam erased it all, Derek never knew about it until after Cam told him.
  • Cam and Derek mainly interact on Kik and Snapchat. They have both admitted that the wiki has barely done anything for their friendship (other than being the place where they met), due to the fact that 99% of their interaction consists off of the wiki.

Their ships

  • Drew/Eli (Degrassi).
  • Fiona/Imogen (Degrassi).
  • Michonne/Andrea (The Walking Dead).
  • Dan/Nate (Gossip Girl)
  • Mitch/Scott (SUPERFRUIT)