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The friendship between ThisOnePerson and BaguettesOverBoys.


  • They both ship Matlingsworth and love Miles.
  • They both love Brooke Davis.
  • They both hate Zaya and Zig.
  • They both watch Grey's Anatomy and Cristina Yang is a queen.

Their Ships

  • Miles/Frankie (Degrassi)
  • Lenny/Carl (The Simpsons)
  • Ethan/Aiden (Teen Wolf)
  • Red/Miss Claudette (Orange is the New Black)
  • Lola/Shay (Degrassi)
  • Kurt/Sam (Glee)
  • Kev/Fiona (Shameless)
  • Allison/Isaac (Teen Wolf)
  • Juno/Bleeker (Juno)
  • Oliver/Thea (Arrow)
  • Bailey/Addison (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Mary Poppins/Bert (Mary Poppins)
  • Jared Padalecki/Stephen Amell
  • John Legend/Chriss Teigen
  • Raven/Octavia (The 100)
  • Miles/Zoe (Degrassi)
  • Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson
  • Cece/Schmidt (New Girl)
  • Alex/Quinn (One Tree Hill)
  • Skills/Mouth (One Tree Hill)
  • Iris/Linda (The Flash)
  • Jamal/Hakeem (Empire)
  • Kim Kardashian/Scott Disick
  • Gina/Charles (Brooklyn Nine Nine)