Cramian (Crazychick08/Damian) is the friendship between Crazychick08 and BiewBiew.


  • Both ship Owanya and Drianca.
  • Both are fans of Drew Torres, though only CC considers him a king.
  • The two talk on Skype
  • Both enjoy Miley Cyrus songs (even though CC's only heard three XD) as well as some Avril Lavigne, Lana Del Rey, Hunter Hayes and Bridgit Mendler
  • Both are very sarcastic
  • Both ship Zaya.
  • Both love Owenca
  • Both love broadway and soundtrack music
  • Both love Criminal Minds
  • Both ship Morcia
  • Both miss Gideon.
  • Both ship Zace
  • Both are tired of drama on the wiki
  • Dami gave CC mod powers (that lasted for like five seconds, but they were nice while they lasted).
  • CC had to keep Dami from freaking out too much when he first watched The Strangers.
    • She also did this when he watched a Slender Man short film.
  • Mia is their queen, so you'd better bow down. 
  • Both love Digimon
  • Both love the X-Men, albeit CC knows more about the comics while Damian knows more about the cartoons and movies.
  • Both thought Taiora had potential, though CC prefers Sorato. Taiora is their BrOTP.
  • Damian was the first wikian CC had a skype call with.
  • Both like Demi Lovato and enjoy her cover of Let It Go.
  • They ship both Taiora and Sorato.
  • Both ship Takari
  • Both love the movie Orphan and think Isabelle Furhman is talented.
  • They regularly send each other videos over skype about Owanya, Drianca, and various other related interests.
  • They have the same favourite Miley Cyrus songs, except in reverse order: Dami's favourite is Forgiveness and Love and his second favourite is The Climb and vice versa for CC.
  • CC missed him and flipped her shit whenever he visited.
  • CC was told in advance he was going to return and cheerfully announced his return
  • Both love Dragon Ball Z and ship Krillin/18.
  • CC comforted Damian during post-breakup.
  • Both miss Jason Gideon from Criminal Minds.
  • Dami was at CC's wedding.
  • CC love React To That and is going to watch non stop when it comes to Canada


  • Drew/Bianca (Drianca) (Degrassi) 
  • Morgan/Garcia (Morcia) (Criminal Minds)
  • Tai/Sora (Taiora) (Digimon)
  • Jean/Scott (Pheonixclops) (X-Men)
  • Miguel/Cassie (DC Comics)
  • Hanna/Aria (Pretty Little Liars)
  • Margaery/Renly (Game of Thrones)



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