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DEGI (Damian/GEGI) is the friendship between GEGI and BiewBiew


  • Gegi met Damian in January, but he left several days later for Hiatus. Making Gegi "pressed".
  • They both love 5 Seconds of Summer.
  • Damian has converted GEGI Into a Truebie, (True Blood fans.)
  • GEGI converted Damian into an anime lover after introducing him to Death Note several days later he became obsessed after watching Eden of the East.


  • Rikki/Zane (H2O: Just Add Water) 
  • Jason/Sookie (True Blood)
  • Calum/Luke (5 Seconds of Summer)
  • Miley/Oliver (Hannah Montana)
  • Keegan Allen/Ian Harding (Celebrity friends)
  • Louis/Tawny (Even Stevens)
  • Brittany/Natasha (Stuck In the Suburbs)
  • Hikari(Green)/Kaugura(Pink) (Ressha Sentai ToQgers)
  • Ryuk/Apples (Death Note)
  • Mason/Alex (Wizards of Waverly Place)