The conflict between BlizzyBold and everyone.


The website which TheChickenLawyer linked to his profile which proved he was a sockpuppet of BlizzyBold.


  • BlizzyBold started by flooding Zoe's hate page with comments calling her a pedophile, accusing her of fraud and saying she has Antisocial Personality Disorder, along with hoping she will be written off the show. He also made inappropriate comments about Olivia's breasts, saying he would print it out and post it up on his wall.
  • BlizzyBold went by a nickname known as "Fierre"
  • It has been speculated that this user may have been a sockpuppet of Jack Tyler.
  • When the account was first created, it was initially believed to be a sockpuppet of Kaykayxx, until Gage pointed that this user has been on Kary's blog and was male, while Kaykayxx is female.
  • The user recently created a sockpuppet after he was banned, known as TheChickenLawyer.
    • Shortly after TheChickenLawyer joined the wiki, he erased everything and anything on the banned BlizzyBold's talk page and profile page.
    • Admins confronted him on this, and he created a bullshit cover story that he and BlizzyBold have a history, and he was simply "cleaning up a troll's page".
    • Both users' names were Frederick Reese, although TheChickenLawyer still continued to deny they were the same.
    • Both users would use their frequent watching of Law & Order to justify their opinions whenever said opinions involved the law.
    • Both users made inappropriate comments about female cast members, TheChickenLawyer going even further to create an entire section on his profile about his opinions on how they looked.
    • Many users asked him to stop, yet ChickenLawyer continued by adding snarky remarks.
    • He continued to subtly defend BlizzyBold's comments, which caught the attention of other users.
    • His comments had a very similar writing style to BlizzyBold.
    • Nick (TheRexVoxian), Gage, Xav, Red and several other users were immediately suspicious that it was a sockpuppet.
  • Nick checked out a website linked on TheChickenLaywer's profile, where it said his name was Fierre, the exact same name used by BlizzyBold. Knowing this, he used the evidence to report it to the admins.
    • Afterwards he edited the linked page and tried to claim the website did not have the name Fierre on it, but by that time, Nick as well as Lauren had already taken screenshots of it just in case.
  • He continued to try and reason with Lauren through the Glee Wiki to get himself unbanned, even making an "apology" video, but to no avail.
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