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Surphy (Sami/Murphy) is the friendship between XoMaybellxo and Blueeyes72096.


The two became fast friends when Murphy returned to the wiki in August of 2012 and remained close until mid-October 2012. After a falling out, the two quickly mended fences, but in December drifted apart and stopped talking. In February 2013, the two began interacting again and quickly rebuilt the friendship they once had. The two now consider themselves best friends.


  • Their friendship began in August 2012
  • Had an altercation in October 2012 that resulted in a brief ending of their friendship, though they quickly patched things up
  • Drifted apart in December 2012 and did not speak much from that point on; this continued until the middle of February 2013
  • After reconciling in February 2013, they have been friends ever since
  • The two communicate on Oovoo nearly every day
  • Used to play an online game called Transformice together, but have since quit because they believe the game sucks now

Fun fact: The community of Transformice was ridiculous and Murphy and Sami often went HAM on crazy people together

  • They often fangirl with each other on Oovoo while watching their favorite shows, including:

- Family Guy

- Pretty Little Liars

- American Horror Story

  • Both live in Pennsylvania, approximately four hours away from each other