BreatheMe-Reebok Commercial Friendship

Damelia (Damian/Delia) is the friendship between BiewBiew and Yodeel.


  • They have a very sarcastic and funny relationship.
  • Damian feels comfortable making an ass of himself around her.
  • Damian has a PUSSYTP that involves Delia.
  • They're both obsessed with Keisha Fabo.
  • Their catchphrase is "Hoe my gaed!"
  • They have many inside jokes.
  • Delia is the main protagonist in Damian's fanfiction series Take It To the Grave.

Their Ships

  • Keisha Fabo and Breadquanda (Keisha Fabo: Keisha's Valley)
  • Miley Cyrus and Mike Will (Celebrity friends)
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