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Cramille (Crazychick08/Camille) is the friendship between Crazychick08 and CamilleA05.


  • They both ship Parcy, Jiberty, Palex, Janny, Jazel, Zaya, and Jatie. CC also ships Semma, but not nearly as much as Camille.
  • They disagree on Sanya, Dolly J., Sellie, Savvy J., Owanya, Cranny, Spane, Zori, and Fimogen.
  • CC ships Bade, Cami ships Bori. They both consider each other's ship to be a NOTP.
  • Both love Sansa.
  • They both like superhero movies.
  • CC didn't think she'd like Cami very much before she learned to understand Cami's sense of humour. CC is now wondering what the everloving FUCK she was thinking, because Cami is flawless.
  • Both like The Hunger Games, Jane Austen, and crime shows.
  • Anya is their favourite character.
  • They are GOT twins, squealing over many of the same things (Drogany, SanSan, the Tyrells, Renly) and berating the same things (Stannis) together.

Their ships

  • Carol/Wanda (Marvel)
  • Anya/Bianca (Degrassi)
  • Sandor/Sansa (Game of Thrones)
  • Jason Todd/Isabel Ardila (DC Comics)
  • Rey/Finn (Star Wars)