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Camillam (Camille/Cam) is the friendship between CamilleA05 and Degrassi Fan.



  • Camille was Cam's second friend on the Wiki, with his first being Lauren. Coincidentally, all three of them eventually became admins.
  • While they watch many of the same shows, they have many different tastes in ships and characters.
  • Cam and Camille like to call each other, Shawty Fire, as a nickname.
  • Their names both consist of the same first three letters.
  • Camille was asked (by Tori) to be a bridesmaid at Camori's future wedding.
  • They're both huge fans of Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran.

Their ships

  • Mary/Sebastian (Reign).
  • Glenn/Tara (The Walking Dead).
  • Max Schneider/Victoria Justice (YouTube).
  • Kit Harington/Sophie Turner.
  • Tyler Hoechlin/Adelaide Kane.
  • Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes (Marvel).
  • Toshio/Taeko (Studio Ghibli).
  • Shun/Umi (Studio Ghibli).
  • Ryan Higa/Arden Cho (YouTube).