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Cashari (CC/Ash/Ari) is the friendship between Crazychick08 , Gaskarths , and HallofFame


  • They captain the Zace ship. All aboard motherfuckers.
  • None of them like Blaine or Klaine
  • CC and Ash missed Ari when he left and were very happy to see him
  • All of them consider Grace a queen
  • They all have different stances on the Zatlingsworth debate: CC ships both, Ari ships neither, and Ash only ships Zaya. However, they all prefer Zaya to Matlingsworth
  • All like 6teen and Total Drama
  • Ari is the only one who likes babies
  • CC is the only one who can't stand Quick
  • All three ship Drianca
  • CC likes to drive them both crazy with her headcanons about various characters, particularly the rubber room golden trio
  • They share the same opinions on most ships
  • They all miss Tori. 
  • Both Ash and Ari were in CC's wedding.

Their ships

  • Zogace (Zoe/Grace/Zig)
  • Zace (Zig/Grace)
  • Fimojack (Fiona/Imogen/Jack)
  • Drallanca (Drew/Dallas/Bianca)