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Symond (Syler/Desmond) is the conflict between DallasCubs and Chidori1,000.



  • Their friendship started on Des's Dare Challenge blog.
  • Their conflict began when Des revealed his true colors, but escalated towards this point when Des "stole" several of Chidori1,000's blogs, ideas, and rants.
  • They often talked about The Bad Girls Club
  • They used to talk a lot on ooVoo.  
  • They are both admins on the Stephen King Wiki, though Des is currently blocked both on said wiki and globally.
  • Des is older by 6 months. Des was born in September of 1993 while Syler was born in March of 1994.
  • Both were given Rollback rights on the same day, though Des was given them before Syler, only after witnessing Syler questioning the decision alongside Cam (Degrassi Fan).
  • On Joanna's "Wiki Friends" article on her user page, Syler listed himself as "The Fez to [her] Donna". Within 30 minutes, Des listed himself directly under Syler as "The Fez to [her] Jackie". The two had to be listed as " The Fez's to [her] Donna and Jackie" until Des' ban.
  • Des' entire user page was taken from Syler's.