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The friendship between Loveya, Crazychick08, and Pokemonred200.


  • CC adopted Red when he asked someone to adopt him on chat. In retrospect, she PROBABLY should have asked her wife first, but Lauren was cool with it.
  • CC once complained to Lauren about Red teasing her by sending her feels filled Bade stuff. She responded by sending CC Bade videos.
  • Lauren is the only one to ship Sanya.
  • Red and CC often rely on her to deal with trolls.
  • They all watch anime.
  • They all ship Bade (though Lauren barely watched Victorious, proving she's the smart one).
  • They like to jam to kiddy music.
  • They all love Matlingsworth.
  • CC is the only one to ship Triles.

Their ships

  • Cloud Babies (Red is Bumi, Lauren is Kya, CC is Tenzin)
  • Ariel/Eric/Melody (Red is Melody, Lauren is Ariel, CC is Eric)
  • Tomoya/Nagisa/Ushio (Red is Ushio, Lauren is Tomoya, CC is Nagisa)
  • Ross/Rachel/Emma (Friends)