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Crittany (Crazychick08/Brittany2.0) is the friendship between Crazychick08 and Brittany 2.0


  • CC admires Brittany's confidence.
  • They like to talk about Pretty Little Liars.
  • They both enjoy getting ratchet on occasion.
  • CC looks forward to Brittany's eventual tv show.
  • They support each other every time.
  • They ship Maiko.
  • Both like 50s fashion.
  • They both liked Glee at one point.
  • They both enjoy watch Victorious.
  • The both of them ship Jade/Beck.
  • They Both ship Parcy.
  • They both ship Jiberty.
  • They both ship Jatie.

Their ships

  • Jay/Alex (Degrassi)