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Crachel (CC/Rachel) is the friendship between Crazychick08 and DuVe2LoVe.


  • They both ship Novas, Matlingsworth, and Zaya.
  • They disagree on Janny, Triles, and Bade: CC loves them, Rachel doesn't like them.
    • That's fine because CC doesn't like Bori, which Rachel loves.
  • Both ship Cranny, Semma, and Spinner with anyone.
  • They both shipped Clew at one point (though CC only as a crackship). CC still kinda likes them as FRIENDS ONLY.
  • Both like Miles, Maya, Zoe, Zig, Drew.
  • Both find Zig, Miles, Drew, and Eli cute.
  • They crackship Zace and Mace (in that it'd be hot).

Their ships

  • Drew/Clare (Clew FRIENDSHIP ONLY) (Degrassi)
  • Spinner/Jane (Spane) (Degrassi)
  • Cat/Tori (Cori) (Victorious)