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Crori (Crazychick/Tori) is the friendship between Crazychick08 and Got2BFionaC101.

Their Ships

  • Mia/Anya (Degrassi)
  • Alex/Juliet (Wizards of Waverly Place)
  • Clove/Glimmer (The Hunger Games)
  • Zoe/Tori (Degrassi)
  • Luke/Mara (Star Wars)
  • Tibby/Lena (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)
  • Bianca/Fiona (Degrassi)


  • Both share a mutual love for Anya MacPherson.
  • From Degrassi they both ship Eclare, Jonnor, Bhandallas, Beckdam, Jiberty, Fimogen, Morisol, Jatie, Camaya, Zori, Janny, Parcy, Imojack, Zaya, Jatie, Spane, Klare, Matlingsworth, & Semma.
  • CC ships Camori and Tori ships Crauren
  • Both think Cam is a human puppy you can't stay mad at.
  • They both have one of those friends who makes it their life mission to drive you crazy.
  • Neither liked Anya J. until at least season 9.
  • Both like the part in Why Can't This Be Love where Anya kisses Sav in front of Dolly J. because of Declan's face.
  • Anya, Bianca, and Fiona are their top three favourite female Degrassi characters.
  • Both like Rock Dallas and seeing Dallas as a parent.
  • Both have a hard time watching Rusty Cage.
  • Both miss Cam and Eli.
  • Both think the Zatlingsworth war is a waste of time.
  • Both shipped Frankston at one point.
  • Both BrOTP Adeli, Allenna, Beckogen, Kianca, Cladam, Clalli, Clenna, Diona, Daveli, Eliona, Jeli, Memma, Folly J., Anya J., J. Toby, Make, Katrisol, Mellie, Torya, Trori, Pellie, Ranya
  • They disagree on Victorious ships: Tori ships Bori and CC ships Bade. Both ship Tandre though.
  • Both ship Everlark and Ronmione.
  • Both consider Eli, Campbell, Sean, Jake, Marco, Spinner, Peeta, Ron, Harry, Fred, and George kings
  • Both consider Anya, Bianca, Ellie, Fiona, Holly J., Imogen, Manny, Paige, Tori, Katniss, Johanna, Hermione, Luna, and Ginny queens.
  • Both like Tori Vega
  • Neither really get behind bashing on characters for nonsensical reasons and acting like you're right about it all.
  • Cam called this friendship before it happened.
  • Both were born in 1996.
  • Both are blonde.
  • Tori attended CC and Lauren's wedding.
  • They both love Creddie and dislike Seddie.
  • Living a "Fuck Erwin Sikowitz" life.
  • Neither of them have changed their usernames while being on the wiki.