Cralex (Crazychick08-Alex) is the friendship between Crazychick08 and Loveisfolly27.


  • CC initially mistook Alex for being named Lola.
  • They ship a lot of the same pairings.
  • Both are friends with Sarah and Dough.
  • Alex ships CC with Lauren, and CC ships Alex with Dough.
  • They tend to hate the same ships.
  • Alexandria loves Sanya,while CC hates it(although she secretly loves it) (No, she doesn't, Alex. :P)
  • They have different opinions on Spemma,Darco,Blue J, Pia,Owenya and Jeclan- CC loves them and Alexandria hates them.
  • They also share different opinions on Dolly J-Alexandria loves them and CC hates them.
  • Alex was at CC's wedding in spirit.
  • Love Meter claims they only have an 11% compatability rate,therefore proving Love Meter is basic.
  • They disagree on Drew OTPs-Alexandria's is Krew, CC's is Drianca.They both consider the other's favorite to be NOTPs.
  • They both can't stand a favorite of the other-Alexandria can't stand Owen,CC can't stand Katie.
  • They agree that they are the friendly version of Katie/Bianca seen in Degrassi: Las Vegas.
  • They both like to tease the other about their terrible tastes in ships.
  • They are both members of the Zaya Club and the Matlingsworth Mafia.
  • They both love season 13.
  • They both consider Halloween their favourite holiday.
  • Both love Star Wars (including the prequels) but can't stand the fandom.
  • They both hate Liz O'Rourke.
  • Both plan to watch Carmilla, Dollhouse, and Firefly, and CC has been convinced to watch House of Cards and The Lying Game by Alex.
  • They both like to get into tv shows by marathoning or planning marathons - for instance, CC with Castle, Bones, Numb3rs, The Cleveland Show, The Mentalist, Burn Notice, Breaking Bad, LOST and about a million others or Alex with One Tree Hill, Buffy, Degrassi, Charmed, and others.
  • Alex is the third person CC has convinced to ship Bade. The first was Ari and the second was a friend of her's at school.

Their ships

  • Craig/Ashley (Crash) (Degrassi)
  • Clare/Jenna (Clenna) (Degrassi)
  • Cassie/Kara (WonderSupergirl) (DC)
  • Johnny/Kayla (Jayla) (Degrassi)
  • Katie/Bianca (Katianca) (Degrassi)
  • Bianca/Becky (Biancky) (Degrassi)
  • Padme/Ahsoka (Star Wars)
  • Tristan/Miles (Triles) (Degrassi)
  • Paige/Manny (Maige) (Degrassi)
  • Zoe/Maya (Zoaya) (Degrassi)
  • Carrie/Sue (Carrie)
  • Willow/Tara (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Fred/George (Harry Potter)
  • Spider/Centipede (Roald Dahl)
  • Victor/Victoria (Corpse Bride)
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