Crazychick08-Meg27 Friendship

Creg (Crazychick08/Meg) is the friendship between Crazychick08 and Meg27.


  • They both love Emma.
  • They both intend to watch Open Heart.
  • They both ship Eclare, Parcy, Jiberty, Camaya, Zori, Janny, Sellie, Bhandallas, Jatie, and Marimo.
  • They both like Semma and Spane, but only Meg considers them OTP.
  • They disagree on Dolly J., Sanya, and Bhandurner. CC dislikes them, while Meg ships them.
  • They both watched Glee, although CC regrets it.
  • Cam, Ellie, Imogen, and Bianca are some of their favourite characters.
  • Both liked 90210.

Their ships

  • Emma/Liberty (Degrassi)
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