Crazychick08-MusicManiac Friendship

Cratt (Crazychick08/Matt) is the friendship between Crazychick08 and MusicManiac


  • Both love Star Wars and are very concerned about the next trilogy
  • Both ship Palex, Camaya, Jatie, Semma, Zaya, Fimogen, and Eclare.
  • Ellie and Paige are both Queens
  • Matt watches Youtubers, CC doesn't.
  • Both are in chat very often
  • Both appreciate sad endings
  • Both love Crobbie and ship Bade
  • Matt was at CC's wedding in spirit

Their Ships

  • Leia/Han Solo (Lan) (Star Wars)
  • Paige/Alex (Palex) (Degrassi)
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