Crazychick08-Rage&Love Friendship

Co (CC/Jo) is the friendship between Crazychick08 and Rage&Love.


  • They both watched 6teen. Coincidentally, Jo is the wiki's Wyatt and Wyatt was CC's favourite guy on the show.
  • They both love Disney and at one point liked Degrassi
  • Jo watches a lot of shows CC plans to watch (like PLL)
  • Jo ships Hollywood Arts.
  • Both have a serious love for Jade West and Elizabeth Gillies
  • They're the biggest Bade fans on the wiki and have written each other essays on the subject.
  • They both shipped Eclare at one point
  • They're both Avatar fans and love Zuko and Zutara (although CC also ships Kataang).
  • Both adore Campbell Saunders
  • Both are in the Matlingsworth Mafia
  • They disagree about Zig and Zaya: Jo hates them and CC loves them.
  • Both like Friends.
  • Both like Green Day
  • CC is a year older than Jo.
  • They are extremely loyal shippers.
  • Both consider Adam Torres their king.
  • Both are Cade in a ship: CC in Caren and Jo in Rage&Love-♥Dorothyy♥ Relationship
  • They're known to fangirl
  • Both love Belle.
  • Both despise Clew.
  • Both love Total Drama.
  • Both like Cody from Total Drama.
  • Both love Maya and ship Camaya
  • They have a hard time catching up with shows.
  • Both love Harry Potter
  • Bori is NOTP. Bat is both NOTP and BrOTP.
  • They disagree about Sikowitz: Jo likes him and CC hates him with the burning passion of a million fiery suns.
  • They are both consistently Jade in their other ships. 
  • They disagree about Jori: Jo likes it, CC does not.
  • Jo was at CC's wedding.
  • Both ship Cade and consider them a BROTP as well.

Their Ships

  • Avan/Elizabeth (Eliavan) (Victorious cast) 
  • Pheobe/Monica (Friends) 
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