Crazychick08-SetRobOff Friendship

Crob (CC/Rob) is the friendship between Crazychick08 and SetRobOff.


  • Both love Jiberty, Camaya, Matlingsworth, Fimogen, Palex, and Eclare. They also both ship Semma, but only Rob considers them OTP.
  • They disagree quite a bit over other ships on Degrassi.
  • They both like writing.
  • CC has said out of all the wikians, she'd most like to write a screenplay with Rob.
  • They tear trolls to shreds.
  • Both adore Grace.
  • They share a lot of the same kings and queens.
  • Both ship Novas.
  • Both ship Gallavich.
  • Rob was at CC's wedding.

Their ships

  • Alli/Dave (Bhandurner) (Degrassi)
  • Shug/Celie (The Color Purple)
  • Dallas/Vanessa (Degrassi)
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