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Cenn (CC/Jenn) is the friendship between Crazychick08 and The4thMisfit.


  • They both ship Eclare, Crash, Fimogen, Wannah, Camaya, Imojack, Matlingsworth, Novas, and Semma. Despite this, CC likes to joke that they have no ships in common, because they often find themselves disagreeing about other ships.
  • Both love Grace and regard her as a Queen.
  • Both hate Katie Matlin.
  • Both ship Spane and Kenna, though only Jenn regards them as OTPs.
  • Both love Adam, Bianca, Eli, Clare, Imogen, Cam, and Maya.
  • Jenn dislikes Zace romantically but considers them a BrOTP, preferring Novas. CC usually feels the opposite (though she does enjoy Novas too)
  • Both crackship Elianca, Badam, KCianca, and Folly J.
  • Both Friend!ship Zace, the Misfits, Fimogeli, Eliona, Folly J., The Minor Niners, and Konnor.
  • CC ships quite a few of Jenn's NOTPs, like Imogeli, Drianca, etc.
  • Both enjoy writing and reading.
  • Neither really cared for Bhandurner.
  • Halloween is their favourite holiday.

Their ships

  • Wesley/Hannah (Wannah) (Degrassi)
  • Raven/Starfire (Teen Titans)
  • Reba/Kyra (Reba)