Cia (CC/Tia) is the friendship between Crazychick08 and TiaAnnLenae.


  • They first started talking on Tia's birthday.
  • Tia's birthday is the day after CC's mom's.
  • They share many kings and queens.
  • They both ship Sellie and at least crackship Chatlin.
  • Both enjoy Supernatural.
  • They hate Glee.
  • They rag on Glee together.
  • Both hate Blaine.
  • They both adore Jane.
  • They agree on almost everything about Glee.
  • They ship Jane and Roderick.
  • They ship Brittany and Santana.
  • Quinn and Tina is their OTP.
  • They ship Quinn and Joe.
  • They ship Kurt and Sam.
  • They captain Quinntina.
  • Both have an extreme dislike for one of the other's king/favored character. (CC/Winston Tia/Drew).
  • Both adore Owanya.
  • Anya MacPhearson is queen.
  • Triles is a shared OTP.
  • Tia unwittingly became the third person to try to home wreck CC's marriage (but only because she didn't know CC was married). The first was Ari and the second was Cam.

Their ships

  • Jane/Madison (Glee)
  • LeShawna/Lindsay (Total Drama)
  • Kurt/Rory (Glee)
  • Mullins/Ashburn (The Heat)
  • Ellie/Sean (Degrassi)
  • Bianca/Clare (Degrassi)
  • Sue/Becky (Glee)

*Note CC's character goes first.

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