The friendship between Crazychick08 and HollaNowForHollingsworth is also known as Crelle.


  • They both fucking hate Ted from How I Met Your Mother
  • They both ship Matlingsworth
  • They disagree on Zaya and Owanya - CC loves them, Elle hates them
  • They both consider themselves feminists
  • Elle convinced CC to ship Mace 
  • They both participated in the fake Dantay vs Deia ship war.
  • They are fab because they both watch Heartland.
  • Samcedes is OTP and Kurtcedes is BrOTP.
  • They both hated Augustus Waters, oops.
  • They're fab because they both watch Heartland.
  • Elle convinced CC to see Everwood and Glue, and to read Anna and the French Kiss.
  • They're both fab for watching Privileged.
  • They talk on Skype.
  • They share Robb Stark as a husband.
  • In their first call, one of the first things CC did was fawn over Elle's accent. One of the first things Elle did was ask for an anti-Stannis rant.

Their ships

  • Miles/Grace (Mace) (Degrassi)
  • Kurt/Mercedes (Kurtcedes) (Glee)
  • Ty/Amy (Heartland)
  • Barry/Iris (Flash)
  • Sara/Felicity (Arrow)
  • Rachel/Jesse (Glee)
  • Rose/Sage (Privileged)
  • Rory/Jess (Gilmore Girls)
  • Beyonce/Jay-Z (Celebrity friendship)
  • Sara/Laurel (Arrow)
  • Cersei/Sansa (A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones)
  • Evie/Rick (The Mummy)
  • Margaery/Olenna (Game of Thrones)


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