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The friendship between Crazychick08, Pokemonred200, and Loveisfolly27.


  • They hang out on Skype.
  • They'll ship almost anything.
  • Red and CC made Alex pre-ship Bade and are working on Gallavich.
  • Alex and CC like to talk fem-slash ships over Red's head - which is okay because CC and Red talk Gallavich over Alex's head.
  • Alex and CC have banned Red from going on 4Chan by threatening to break up with him (CC's his friend, she can dump him, hush).
  • CC ships Relexmian and is VERY excited for the wedding.
  • They share about a frillion ships in common.
  • Relex both ship Crauren.
  • They have created a hypothetical Wikitopia describing what the wiki would be like as a society.
  • They've been friends since Alex joined the wiki.
  • They are multishipping ratchet shipping machines.
  • Crackshipping is in their blood.
  • They've all watched Glee at some point (which CC sorely regrets) and all plan to watch Shameless.
  • Alex is the only one who likes Katie and the only one to dislike Drew.
  • CC and Alex like to tease Red about his lack of knowledge of freak. :P
  • CC calls Red and Alex her younger siblings and her padawans.

Their ships

  • Driancatie (Red is Drew, Alex is Katie, CC is Bianca) (Degrassi)
  • Elaremogen (Red is Eli, Alex is Imogen, CC is Clare) (Degrassi)
  • Faberrudson (Red is Finn, CC is Quinn, Alex is Rachel) (Glee)
  • Jatam (CC is Jade, Alex is Cat, Red is Sam) (Sam & Cat)
  • Spaiganny (CC is Paige, Alex is Manny, Red is Spinner) (Degrassi)
  • Zayace (CC is Grace, Alex is Maya, Red is Zig) (Degrassi)