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The conflict between everyone and DallasCubs aka Dessykins.


  • Started after he revealed his true colors.
  • He created his own wiki dedicated to himself.
  • All of his sockpuppets, as well as his main acount, have a quote box with his quotes about the Hawaii Ocean and the name box changed to say Dessykins.

Notable incidents

  • Des called an Oovoo chat with Dani and Annie where he masturbated to Dani, who was on webcam.
    • Dani, Annie, and Rob confronted Des on chat about this, where he confessed to having done the deed.
  • After deleting his original account, he created a new one in which he apologized for what he'd done. He went back on every word he listed in said blog within 3 hours of writing it.
  • He deleted his second account after randomly verbally attacking Darryl on his talk page.
  • He created various sockpuppet accounts, one of which became an admin on Boy Meets World wiki, where he blocked several Degrassi wikians for no explained reason.
  • He defiled several images of Degrassi wiki's female users and spread them around different wikis.
  • He had a habit of copying quotes from other users, even comments listed directly under his.
  • Once told everyone that he kidnapped and tortured a cat.
  • His Instagram was discovered, which had many collages uploaded leading GOTking79 being revealed as Des.
    • He then either deleted or made the account private after we discovered, revealing that he stalks the Wiki 24/7.
  • Whenever his opinions differed from other wikians, he often changed his a million times.