Danixcalifornia-Got2BFionaC101 Friendship

Torani (Tori/Dani) is the friendship between Danixcalifornia and Got2BFionaC101.


  • They often have conversations on
  • They consider each other sisters; a lot of people say they look alike as well. 
  • They both love to sing and act.
  • They're both obsessed with Frozen, House of Anubis and Once Upon A Time and often rant together about them.
  • From Degrassi they both ship Eclare, Camaya, Semma, Matlingsworth, Janny, Jiberty, Parcy, Dolly J., Fimogen, Marimo & Jatie.
  • Both ship Spoby, Captain Swan, Haleb, Emaya, Emilson, Ezria, Hardlet, Freffy, Tochelle, Chral, Cassid, Naomily, Snowing, Rumpelle, Philora, Ryissa, Sethmer, Brallie, Bemmett, & Romione.
  • Neither of them have changed their usernames while being on the wiki.

Their Ships

  • Emma/Snow (Once Upon A Time)
  • Patricia/Mara (House of Anubis)
  • Darcy/Clare (Degrassi)
  • Karen/Haley (One Tree Hill)
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