Dia (Dani/Tia) is the friendship formed between TiaAnnLenae and Danixcalifornia in June 2014


  • Dani used to dislike Novas and Tia shipped them and now it has flipped.
  • They crackship Emmany and Holly J and Anya
  • They OTP Bhandurner, Gwent, LeHarold
  • They both watch Degrassi, Total Drama, Glee, and Faking It.
  • Frankie, Hazel, Becky, and Grace are their Degrassi Queens.
  • Dave, Jay, Toby, and Connor are their Degrassi Kings.
  • Both of their respective kings have tried to be in a relationship with Maya (Zig/Tia Dani/Miles)
  • Trent, Duncan, D.J. and Chef are their Total Drama Kings.
  • Gwen, Bridget, LeShawna, and Lindsay are their Total Drama Queens
  • They do not ship anyone in Faking It.
  • Tina, Quinn, Sue, Lauren, and Emma are their Glee Queens.
  • Will, Sam, and Mike are their Glee Kings.
  • Shane is their Faking It King.
  • Amy, and Lauren are their Faking It Queens.
  • They both dislike Katie from Total Drama.
  • They both hate Blaine and Klaine.
  • Dani did not watch Season 6 of Glee because she is smart.
  • Tia despises Dani's queen Zoe, while Dani cannot stand Winston.
  • They both regard Manny Santos as a national treasure.

Their Ships

  • Puck/Lauren (Glee)
  • Zach/Gray (Jurassic World)
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