The relationship between Degrassi Fan and BreatheMe is known as Camian (Cameron/Damian).


Cam jokingly asked Damian to be his boyfriend on Damian's first night on the wiki. Much to Cam's surprise, Damian agreed instantly and they have since been close friends.


  • Their main song is "Because You Live" by Jesse McCartney.
  • They both enjoy singing, and have therefore, sung duets on Skype together.
  • They are both fans of mutual YouTubers, including Our2ndLife, Troye Sivan, Bart Baker, and MarkEMiller.

Their Ships

  • Niall/Zayn (One Direction)
  • Ethan/Mark (MarkEMiller/Ethcote - YouTube)
  • Connor/Kian (ConnorFranta/SuperKian18 - Our2ndLife; YouTube)
  • Haruka/Rei (Free! Eternal Summer)


  • "Because You Live" (Jesse McCartney)
  • "Beautiful Soul" (Jesse McCartney)
  • "Best Day of My Life" (Jesse McCartney)
  • "Sugar Rush" (Dream Street)
  • "They Don't Know About Us" (One Direction)
  • "Gotta Be You" (One Direction)

Fan Club

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