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Degrassi Chick is the friendship between Crazychick08 and Degrassi Fan.


  • Both adore Tori and Campbell from Degrassi
  • Both ship Camaya, Fimogen, Jiberty, Jatie, Janny, Palex, Parcy, Sellie, Semma, Klare, Sparcy, Spane, and Zori
  • Neither ship Crellie
  • CC's top two OTPs (Owanya and Drianca) are two of Cam's NOTPs.
  • Neither are ever willing to budge on Zori: It's going to be an OTP for forever. 
  • Matlingsworth and Zaya mean nothing to them in comparison to Camaya.
  • Both like Tori more than Maya and are willing to physically fight for her.
  • Cam doesn't care for Zoe, while CC loves her. However, both are willing to trade her for Tori.
  • Both ship Bade and were originally planning to be Bade before they remembered Camchara .
  • Both miss K.C.
  • Cam ships Caren and CC ships Camori
  • They are both Canadian
  • Both love Disney
  • Both watched 6teen
  • Both like Katy Perry, albeit Cam moreso
  • Both like Studio Ghibli movies
  • Both like Avril Lavigne, though CC not as much.
  • Cam despises Duncney and Courtney while CC likes both
  • Both like One Direction, though Cam likes them much more
  • Cam doesn't like Matlingsworth, Zaya, or Eclare, while CC ships all three of them.
  • Both love Gwent
  • They both consider blue their favourite colour.
  • Both despise Gwuncun and Bori
  • They disagree on Creddie: CC loves it and Cam hates it
  • Both ship Scar and Zira
  • Both ship Clato.
  • They talk on Skype
  • CC considers Cam one of her soulmates (along with Ash, Karen, Dami, and Ari)
  • Both think it would be fun to have more lighthearted wiki drama, rather than real wiki drama.
  • Cam is possessive of CC and only approves of her soulmateship with Karen. 
  • Both were surprised that Terk from Tarzan was a girl. 
  • Cam tried to homewreck CC's friendship with Ash and her engagement to Lauren.
  • They have Disney bitching sessions.
  • They both love After Ever After.
  • He asked CC to marry him to try and homewreck her ships.
  • Both watch Dragon Ball Z and ship Krillin/18
  • Both are fans of Redwall, which makes Cam the raddest person in CC's opinion, because he's the only other wikian she knows that's seen it.
  • CC has said she would marry him if he'd asked when Lauren wasn't in the picture.
  • They both stay up way too late.
  • Both enjoy Spyro.


  • Cat/Andre (Candre) (Victorious)
  • Zig/Tori (Zori) (Degrassi)
  • Cato/Glimmer (Glato) (The Hunger Games)
  • Krillin/18 (Kr18) (DBZ)
  • Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson (Spidey Jane) (Marvel)
  • Matthias/Cornflower (Redwall)
  • Carl/Denise (Wingin' It)
  • Harry/Ginny (Harry Potter)
  • Blue/Leaf (Pokemon)
  • Drew/Fiona (Degrassi)
  • Mike/Amber (Shortpacked)
  • Sam/Dakota (Total Drama)
  • Simba/Nala (Disney)
  • Anne/Gilbert (Anne of Green Gables)
  • Robb/Talisa (Ralisa) (Game of Thrones)
  • Jun/Rachel (Junchel) (Youtubers)
  • Lincoln/Sofia (Prison Break)
  • Beck/Jade (Bade) (Victorious)