Caris (Cam/Maris) is the friendship between Degrassi Fan and Destiels.


Cam met Maria in 2011, when she went by the username Painting Flowers. They became very close friends and stayed close through all of 2012 and most of 2013. They began talking less after 2013 ended and have not spoken very much since, except on their birthdays and holidays.


  • Cam was the third person that Maria showed a picture of her face to. The first two people were Jackie and Susanna.
  • Cam and Maria were both Michi's two closest friends of their respective genders.
  • Maria (along with Michi) was the one who got Cam into One Direction.
  • Communication for Cam and Maria was often difficult as Maria did not have Kik, Skype, ooVoo, or use Tinychat. In addition, neither of them enjoyed using wiki chat, so they often resorted to only being able to talk on Tumblr. However, Cam doesn't like using Tumblr askbox as a communication method.

Their ships

  • Alex Gaskarth/Tay Jardine.
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