The friendship between Degrassi Fan and Dreli is also known as Cameesha (Cam/Aleesha).


Cam and Aleesha met in 2011. Aleesha has not been regularly active on the wiki since December 2012, but she and Cam stayed in touch for most of 2013, but have began talking much less of recently.


  • Aleesha was the first person to realize Dylan Everett had followed Cam on Twitter, which was several seconds after it happened.
  • When he was active, Hakeem targeted both Cam and Aleesha on a regular basis with rude and offensive remarks, much to both of their chagrin.
  • Cam and Aleesha are the only two people from the Degrassi Wiki that still talk to Lily.
  • Aleesha strongly ships Cavot and admitted to Cam that she wants him and Dave to date in real life.
  • Prior to getting Skype and ooVoo, they used to talk to each other on the phone, but due to cellphone roaming charges, they only did so rarely.
  • They are both fans of One Direction.

Their Ships

  • Liam Payne/Danielle Payzer
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