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Camari (Cam/Ari) is the friendship between HallOfFame and Degrassi Fan.


  • They both live in the same province in Canada.
  • They are both POC.
  • They have both tried homewrecking Crauren.
  • Cam declared Monty and Miller as Camari's most accurate ship, as the pairing consists of an Asian male and a black male. Racially, Cam and Ari are the same.
    • In addition, they are rooting for Monty and Miller to be canon in The 100, as they both want to see an LGBT pairing being represented by people of colour.
  • They both find biracial men and women hot.
  • They like many of the same porn stars, whom shall be left unnamed.

Their Ships

  • Monty/Miller (The 100).
  • Scott/Stiles (Teen Wolf - shared ship with Jakavier, who had it first).
  • Rick/Glenn (The Walking Dead).
  • Shane/Joey (Youtubers)
  • Carl/Jamie (Carl Squared).
  • Archie/Jughead (Archie Comics)