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Camter, or sometimes called, Cunter (Cam/Hunter) is the friendship between Degrassi Fan and Hunter Perry.


Cam and Hunter have been friends since 2011. They have a long lasting friendship that has had hiatus on several occasions due to Hunter taking numerous breaks from the wiki.

In 2012, Adam confessed to Hunter that he and Rynen were behind the anonymous hate and death threats that Cam was getting on the Degrassi Wiki Confessions tumblr. Hunter told Cam and said he had the right to know, which ultimately lead to Adam and Rynen disowning Hunter and leaving the wiki.


  • If it wasn't for Hunter, Cam may have never found out who were behind his hate and threats on the Degrassi Wiki Confessions.
  • Back when Hunter was notorious for trolling the wiki, Cam blocked him a couple of times.
  • They have both had dyed their hair blue in their lifetime.
  • They both love playing Super Smash Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and other Nintendo games.

Their ships

  • Glenn/Dale (The Walking Dead).
  • Lucas/Ness (EarthBound/Super Smash Bros).