Degrassi Fan-JosephBlue Relationship

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CamSquared (Cam/CamCam) is the friendship between JosephBlue and Degrassi Fan, also referred to as Cam².


  • Both of their first names are Cameron, but CJ goes by the initials of his first and middle name, so there is no confusion between him and Cam.
  • Both of their favorite colors are blue.
  • They both joined the wiki in 2010.
  • They used to have one-on-one TC's with each other as far back as early 2012.
  • Their anniversary is February 28, 2012, which was the day they both met on chat and finally spoke to one another.
    • One ongoing joke is how long it took both of them to actually speak to each other. Despite being on the wiki together for nearly two years, neither of them said a word to each other for that long period of time.
    • This is also an inside joke with Cavot, however, Cavot spoke to each other, occasionally, prior to being friends, unlike Cam², who didn't speak until the day they finally exchanged words on chat.

Their Ships

  • Tony/Maxxie (Skins UK)
  • Niall/Liam (One Direction)
  • Jon/Robb (Game of Thrones)
  • Woody/Buzz (Toy Story)
  • Ned/Cookie (Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide)
  • Jessica/Tiffany (SNSD Girls Generation)

Fan Club

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