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Cannie (Cam/Annie) is the friendship between Degrassi Fan and MarauderScarlet.


Cam and Annie had their first conversation on the Degrassi Wiki chat on February 2, 2013 and their first ooVoo call on February 22, 2013, which was also the night Degrassi aired its episode, Bitter Sweet Symphony. During their call, Annie consoled Cam's pain over Campbell Saunders' death.


  • They are both Canadian-Asians.
    • Cam is Japanese.
    • Annie is Cantonese.
  • Annie lives in British Columbia, where many of Cam's family members are from.
  • Cam was the first person solely from the wiki that Annie formed a friendship with. Prior to joining the wiki, she had already met Dani at another Degrassi forum.
  • Cam and Annie's main source of communication is ooVoo and Kik.

Their Ships

  • Sean/Ellie (Degrassi).
  • Toby/Emily (Pretty Little Liars).
  • Fiona/Ian (Shameless U.S.)
  • Podrick/Sansa (Game of Thrones).