Camatt (Cam/Matt) is the friendship between the users Degrassi Fan and MusicManiac.


  • Cam was the first person Matt ever came out to.
  • They both have a passion for Asian culture (but Matt mainly loves Korea).
  • They both love Korean pop and have the same biases in EXO, Big Bang, f(x), BTS and 2NE1.
  • Neither of them live in America.
    • Cam lives in Canada.
    • Matt lives in Holland (however, he spent his childhood in Tennessee).
  • Matt has travelled to many European countries that Cam dreams of travelling to. Therefore, Cam hates him for it.


  • Troye Sivan/Tyler Oakley (Youtube)
  • Trevor Moran/Connor Franta (Youtube)
  • Jack Baran/Andrew Lowe (Youtube) 
  • Chen (Kim Jongdae)/Chanyeol (Park Chanyeol) (EXO)
  • Jeon Wonwoo/Kim Mingyu (Meanie) (Seventeen)
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