Camelia (Cam/Delia) is the friendship between Degrassi Fan and Reebok Commercial.


  • They are both Asian.
    • Delia is mixed black and Asian
    • Cam is Japanese.
  • Delia has met Cam's brother Garrett on Skype and Cam has met Delia's cousin Nick on Skype.
  • They both enjoy Nintendo video games.
  • They are both part of the Disneyland Crew.
  • They both enjoy relating to one another about Asian family upbringings.
  • They both act really gay and type with each other in caps.
  • They refer to each others' family members on a first name basis.
  • They both love going to the gym.
  • Despite the wiki experiencing 'dead periods,' Cam and Delia have consistently stayed close over the years and never gone longer than a few weeks without messaging each other.


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  • Adam/Alli (2013)
  • Tristan/Tori (2013)
  • David/Danielle
  • Banana/Muffin
  • Sarah/Felix

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