Jakam (Jake/Cam) is the friendship between Demolition Lovers and Degrassi Fan.


  • Both of their wiki OTPs are of each other; Jake's is Camori, and Cam's is Jelly.
  • Cam was Jake's first male friend on the wiki.
  • Jake claims that Cam is the reason that he's stayed on the wiki for such a long time and that if he had never befriended him [Cam], he [Jake] would have left the wiki ages ago.
  • Jake has many similarities and personality traits to Cam's real life brother, Garrett, which is the reason why Cam views Jake as a little brother figure.
  • Cam asked Jake to be his best man at Camori's future wedding.
  • Whenever Nick makes snarky comments at Cam, Jake always has snarkier comebacks at Nick.

Their Ships

  • Ryan/Seth (The O.C.)
  • Craig/Marco (Degrassi)
  • Matt/Jeremy (The Vampire Diaries)
  • Charlie/Hurley (Lost)
  • Nathan/Lucas (One Tree Hill)
  • Otonashi/Hinata (Angel Beats!)
  • David/Henry (Once Upon a Time)
  • Jon/Bran (Game of Thrones)
  • Glenn/Carl (The Walking Dead)
  • Ian/Lip (Shameless)
  • Oliver/Roy (Arrow)

Fan Club

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