Jasmine (Jake/Yasmine) is the friendship between CrAsh and Gruvias.


  • They both like Craig Manning.
  • They are the only known wikians to ship Quinn and Sam from Glee.
  • They both disliked Scelly because of its' interference with Jelly. Now they don't really care too much about it one way or another.
  • They both ship wiki ships involving one another;Yazzy ships Jelly and Jake ships Scasmine.
  • According to Jake, Yazzy has a logic in which 2 wikians who share a love/liking of a certain ship it'll be their assigned ship.
  • Both can annoy each other on occasion.
  • Both don't ship Sterek.

Their Ships

  • Finn/Santana (Glee)
  • Jeremy/Bonnie (TVD)
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