DisasterMe (Disasterology/BreatheMe) is the conflict between Disasterology and BiewBiew. They had their first showdown on chat one night after nearly a year of Damian (BreatheMe) despising her. They are also referred to as BitchassologyMe.


Sharkeisha 2

The conflict between the two started Spring of 2012, when Tayler constantly bullied Damian on chat. Ultimately, forcing him to leave. The next year, Damian came back, and though he steered clear of her, she realized who he was after a while.

In the midst of Degrassi Wiki having one of its biggest trolls, and several beloved people dropping like flies from the wiki, drama began to be associated with everyone else. When Damian was off chat, someone ratted to Tayler about Damian despising her, and she called him a "punk ass bitch" who "talks shit".


This time, Damian wasn't having it. He went on chat minutes later, brave and cocky and sarcastic, hoping to settle things out, but Tayler came out of nowhere talking shit about him. Throwing out names and his "secret", then all hell broke lose. And he wasn't having it, telling her "bitch you betta shut up" while most people were entertained by Damian's first fight. Ultimately, it got heated and heated until Lizzy and CJ had to intervene. Lizzy and CJ both told her to stop, but, surprisingly, she called Lizzy "one annoying cunt." After more than ten minutes of fighting, Tayler stated "Since I hate this wiki and everyone on it, I have nothing to lose by abusing my powers, so fuck u." She proceeded to kick Damian from chat, then kicked Lizzy. This ended their encounter. Until.....

One night in May/June 2015, when a very awkward incident occurred on chat. Damian, Elle, CC, Ari, Cam and Xav were on chat discussing past Degrassi Wiki users who have done disgusting shit, and Damian mentioned his conflict with Tayler. And as we were talking about it, SHE RANDOMLY SHOWED UP ON CHAT. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK??? Damian: "Wait, what the fuck? Is she here??" Instantly, the entire chatroom was quiet, leading to Tayler getting offended that Damian was talking about what she had done.


  • Tayler is referred to as "Bitchassology" by Damian.
  • Sometimes its awkward when they're both on chat.
  • As you can see above, Damian mopped the floor with that bitch. 
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