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FRIENDSSSSS :D is the friendship between Degrassi Fan, Strawberrybeard, BreatheMe, WildestDreams, Reebok Commercial, Demolition Lovers and Got2BFionaC101.


  • This group of friends formed together on Skype.
  • They all refer Got2BFionaC101 as Trail.

Their Ships

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Cam as Ross, Dave as Chandler, Damian as Joey, Kaylin as Phoebe, Delia as Monica, Trail as Rachel and Jake as Mike)
  • Rugrats (Cam as Tommy, Kaylin as Kimi, Trail as Susie, Dave and Delia as Phil and Lil, Damain as Angelica, Jake as Chuckie)
  • Skins UK Generation 2 (Cam as Freddie, Kaylin as Effy, Dave as Cook, Damian as JJ, Trail as Emily, Delia as Naomi, Jake as Thomas and)
  • The Goonies (Jake as Mikey, Dave as Mouth, Damian as Data, Cam as Brand, Delia as Chunk, Trail as Andy, Kaylin as Stef)
  • Roswell (Delia as Isabel, Kaylin as Maria, Damian as Michael, Cam as Max, Trail as Liz, Jake as Alex and Dave as Kyle)
  • Saved By The Bell (Cam as Zack, Dave as Mr. Belding, Dami as Slater, Kaylin as Lisa, Delia as Jessie, Jake as Screech and Trail as Kelly)
  • One Tree Hill (Cam as Nathan, Dave as Mouth, Dami as Skills, Kaylin as Brooke, Delia as Peyton, Jake as Lucas, Trail as Haley)