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RatchetCubs (RatcheTori/DallasCubs) is the pairing of users FanCy and DallasCubs.


They used to not communicate at all, but when they did, it was civil. Something happened and Kikichara started treating Des terribly and Des seemed to just deal with it.

50 shades of done with your shit des.png


  • Tori hunted Cam down for nominating it for the second installment of Wiki Ships Survivor.
  • Their "song" is Cell Block Tango.
  • Delia dislikes them because she wants Kikichara all to herself.
  • Sarah, Jake, Nick and Lizzy were their only shippers up until everyone knew about Desmond.
  • There's a possibility that Des might want the taco.
  • They both consider this ship to be their nOTP.
  • A similar conflict to this ship can be seen here.
  • Des didn't invite Tori to the tea party.

Their ships

  • Jade/Sinjin (Victorious)
  • Amy/Nick (Gone Girl)
  • Amy/Desi (Gone Girl)
  • Shannon/Locke (Lost)

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