The sort of friendship and distrust between FanCy and Troy Lesson.

Troy wanted to take down Degrassi Wiki and Kikichara offered to help him.


Troy decided to trust Kikichara by letting her know he's Efficiency—another account on Degrassi Wiki. This was part of his plan to get back at Degrassi Wiki. Kikichara, in turn, chose to betray Troy by letting an admin know that Efficiency was him all along. As a result, Efficiency (Troy Lesson) was banned. Troy, feeling distraught, went back to working alone, learning that you should trust only yourself.


"I like to have safe fun. I'm a very competitive person who's thriving to become number one and get the most badges. Me trying to get the most badges faster than any other wikian is efficiency."

Troy Lesson, on what sets him apart, and how his incredible superiority over the wiki makes him unique.


  • Troy Lesson no longer talks to Kikichara.
  • Kikichara doesn't hate Troy, but doesn't like him either.
  • This was not a relationship, more like a temporary partnership.
  • Contrary to his belief, Kikichara is not sexually attracted to Troy.
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