Got2BFanCy (Got2BFionaC101/FanCy) the friendship between Got2BFionaC101 and Kikchair.


  • They both have the same name; although everyone calls Got2BFionaC101 "Tori" or "Trail" and Kikichara "Ratchet Tori".
  • Both watch One Tree Hill, House of Anubis, The O.C., Pretty Little Liars, and Skins UK.
  • Both ship Brallie, Leyton, Naomily, Sethmer, Klare, Zori, Eclare (pre-13), Fimogen, Sanya, Bhandurner & Dolly J.

Their Ships

  • Nina/Patricia (House of Anubis)
  • Tori/Jade (Victorious)
  • Carrie/Dorrit (The Carrie Diaries)
  • Charli XCX/Iggy Azalea
  • Cole/Gabe (IM5)
  • Kumin/Shinka (Chuunibyou)
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