Yexi (Yazzy/Lexi) is the friendship between Gruvias and MayaCamluv21.


  • They're also best friends outside the wiki.
  • Because of Yazzy, Lexi watched Glee although ironically Yazzy had given up during season 4 and Lexi stopped around season 3.
  • They watch some of the same shows.
  • They both ship Finchel, Jatie, Gwent, Devie, NaLu, Gruvia, Slexie, Merder and Camaya.
  • They both don't ship Zaya, Clew or Torrivas.
  • They have opposite opinions on Drew and Dallas.
  • They're one of the few wiki ships that know each other in real life.
  • Lexi still ships Eclare while Yazzy gave up on them prior to Season 13.
  • Yazzy got Lexi converted into anime when she showed her Fairy Tail.
  • Both are Disney lovers.
  • They sometimes watch Netflix together and Lexi often throws shade at certain characters depending on the show she and Yazzy watch.
  • MEMES.

Their Ships

  • Katie/Marisol (Degrassi)
  • Emma/Kitty (Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race)
  • Lucy/Virgo (Fairy Tail)
  • Lexie/Meredith (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Chris/Greg (Everybody Hates Chris)
  • Zoey/Lola (Zoey 101)
  • Carly/Sam (iCarly)
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