Yazia (Yazzy/Tia) was a friendship formed between Yazzy and Tia in June 2015


  • They both adore Katie Matlin
  • Both hate Drew Torres.
  • They both hate Blaine Anderson.
  • Both watch Total Drama.
  • Both ship Gwent.
  • They disagree on Matlingsworth.
  • Both dislike Cranny.
  • Yazzy dislikes Tia's king (Zig).
  • They both ship Finchel, Brittana, Quick and Samedes.
  • Both consider Campbell Saunders to be a king.
    • Ironically Tia's king and Cam had a disagreement.
  • They hate Klaine.
  • Both declare Zori a NOTP.
  • Both love Parcy.
  • Both watch Glee although Yazzy gave up during season 4 because she's smart and Tia is not.
  • Both detest Clew
    • Tia crackshipped Drare during season 10 but it was ruined by the producers because they ruin everything.
  • Both love reading.
  • Both watch House of Anubis.
  • Both ship Owanya.
    • Tia considers Anya and Owen to be royalty.
  • Both love Jatie.
  • Both hate Krew and Crellie.
    • Tia considers Ellie to be her queen.
  • Both love Kurt.
  • They both adore Zace.
  • Both hate Bori and ship Bade
  • They both have an OTP for Sean Cameron though they disagree.
    • Tia loves Sellie while Yazzy loves Semma.

Their Ships

  • Quinn/Mercedes (Glee)
  • Sav/Jane (Degrassi)

Note: Yazzy goes first

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